how to blarter

to offer an item or service on blarter, cut and paste the following paragraph, fill in the blanks (html ok) and brackets with the appropriate information, and email to

(Your name) of (your blog/website name and http:// address) is offering ______________ in exchange for _________________. (email address*)

*please type email address as you would like it to appear in your post.  feel free to use (at) and (dot) if you prefer.

your post will look like this:

Molly of A Foothill Home Companion is offering a crocheted heart garland in exchange for a Japanese craft book or linen fabric. mollydunham(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

to respond to a post, directly email the person offering a barter arrangement.

to include a flickr image with your post, include the html code for the medium size (500 pixel) image with your email.  also, add the image to the blarter flickr group.

no blog?  no problem.  if posting an offer, just include your name and email address.

please note, posts may take up to three days to appear on blarter.